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Students attend club fair

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Monday, Interact

Q: Did Interact do anything new at club fair this year?

Cabinet member senior Adam Ng: “This year we prepared something special, especially for the Sept. 11 memorial. Tiffany, our club president had us each paint our faces in red, white and blue in order to signify the American flag, and during club fair we all stood together in a straight line. Even though we were in a battle with Key Club at that time over spirit, we showed what truly united us all, which was our country. A lot of clubs helped out when they saw us standing together, and I made a small speech about Sept. 11 and how just one school, just one little act could do so much to show that we care and that we acknowledge all the lives that were lost.”

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Tuesday, Explore

Q: How does club fair promotion set the tone for the rest of the year?

Explore treasurer senior Rachel Lee: “During club fair, I tried to promote [Explore] by [walking] around to other areas of the school so more people would get to know more about us [and to answer] questions about meeting days and activities. Additionally, I made sure to set us apart from other environmental clubs. By stating these differences, students were more knowledgeable about Explore and our purpose on campus. We want to promote a healthy environment while having a great time. During our events, we try and stay away from technology, except for when taking photos. This allows members to fully appreciate the nature around them. To prepare for club fair, our team spent time designing flyers and slips, as well as organizing what snacks to have during the fair. Communication was important to assure organization during the hectic fair. I hope the excitement and enthusiasm that I saw at club fair will reflect our club during the school year.”

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Wednesday, Girls’ League

Q: What kind of member experience did Girls’ League promote?

Girls’ League vice president senior Tina Sun: “ Girls’ League passed out candy and we screamed at the top of our lungs. We made two giant picture frames that people passed around and took pictures with. It was overall a really fun experience. We all shared the responsibility of attracting new potential members and hyping up the crowd. While one of us would pass out candy and flyers, others would wave around the frames, help interested students take pictures with the frames, and describe the events of our club. We hope that the club fair would help promote a larger member turnout and set the welcoming tone of our club because all genders are welcome! We hope to promote a place where people are able to connect through the value of community service. Despite the club’s name, Girls’ League, we welcome anyone and everyone to be a part of what GL stands for: caring for our community and giving through community service. With a bigger member turnout, we plan to stay organized with group and point systems that will help motivate students to actively participate in the club events.”

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Thursday, eSports 

Q: How do you make potential members excited for the upcoming year?

eSports cabinet member junior Priscilla Pranajasa: “WHS eSports attends to the needs of all students through gaming, whether it is giving back to the community, [driving] the best at competitive gaming or finding people with the common interests in video games. From last year, we noticed that we had more Super Smash Brothers 4 (SSB4) tournaments than League of Legends tournaments, so we are planning to increase the amount of League of Legends tournaments this year. Also, we have opened up opportunities to add more games into our club by taking nominations of what games members would like to see during the school year. We hope to promote an accepting and friendly environment for the members. Being in Club Fair today made me realize how far the eSports community has come. I am proud to say that we have gotten an immense amount of registrants for this upcoming year. I love all the support that [was] given to us during club fair.”


Friday, Scale Models

Q: How does club fair set the outlook for the rest of the year as a new club?

Scale Models vice president sophomore Ethan Ho: “[During club fair] we had a few of our models on display for people to look at. I stood there and answered questions. We talked about some of the things we’d be doing, like planning to have a contest at the end of the year for our models. We’re just excited to see how the club turns out. Before, I thought we wouldn’t get too many sign-ups, but during, I was surprised about getting a lot of sign-ups. It made me really happy. I hope that there won’t be an atmosphere of us leading our members, but an atmosphere of us all just being fellow builders. I feel [that] if this many people are as passionate as Jaime and I are, then it’s gonna be a great year for us.”

Compiled by Irene Zhou and Nicole Chiang, News editors
Photos by Kyle Lin, Samuel Compolongo, Leanna Chan, Sherlene Su and Nicole Chiang