Students attend German immersion camp

German language students and members of German Club attended Deutsch Lager, or German Language Immersion Camp, at Big Bear from Friday to Sunday, March 2- 4.

Students only spoke German and participated in activities to surround themselves in the language and culture. Activities included playing games such as “Alle Mit”, a game involving calling out letters or numbers and switching seats. Students could also choose to dance, cook, or bake instead.

“Most of us don’t think in German, so there are many things we don’t know how to communicate. The camp forced us to learn those things. All the activities and games helped with my understanding of the culture because they were all tied to German culture somehow,” senior Emily Wang said.

The camp theme was “Movies” and was incorporated into activities such as scene reenactments performed by high schools from around California. Walnut High School students re-enacted “Star Wars” and “Harry Potter” and won the “Best Film” award.

“It created this big family feeling. We didn’t see each other most of the time during camp, so getting together for the scene reenactment was comforting,” Wang said.

The two-and-a-half day sleepaway camp was a new experience for some students and helped those looking to incorporate German into their future through the activities and teachers who would teach students the significance of each activity. One such example is how simple German dances became popular outside of Germany.

“I thought it was pretty helpful since I plan on continuing my German studies in college because I find the language fun and interesting. My German skills have improved because of the camp,” senior Alex Tsai said.

By Vivian Lee, Staff writer

Photo courtesy of Emily Wang