Students attend guitar club informational meeting

Math teacher Richard Kim hosted a meeting to introduce his electric guitar building club during lunch Thursday, Nov. 14. 

At the meeting, Kim explained his plan to work with students throughout the year and teach them how to build an electric guitar through afterschool sessions. The process will involve using kits that have all the components to create the guitars. 

“Hopefully for some [students], it’ll give them further interest in school and something to strive for,” Kim said. “Most kids take classes and they always ask ‘When will we ever use this?’. This will be something where they can see how [those skills are] used.”

Kim decided to start the club to share his knowledge about building guitars, which he learned through the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Guitar Project by the National Science Foundation. The project encourages teachers to use guitar making to show how STEM foundations can be incorporated into the real world. For example, much of the process involves making precise measurements to ensure that the guitar functions properly.

“[The club is] cool because this gives the opportunity to be able to do something that most people don’t really have access to,” sophomore Isabel Zhou said. “[The guitar building] provides a way to expand your horizons and also learn something that not a lot of people normally get to learn.”

By Natalie Cheng, Staff writer
Photo courtesy of Richard Kim