Students attend Veterans’ Day assembly

Students from various history classes participated in the fifth annual Veterans’ Day assembly to hear veterans’ stories Friday, Nov. 9 in the Multipurpose Room.

Throughout the day in different class periods, students listened to veterans discuss their experience in the military. Students were given worksheets to take notes on the stories the veterans told, including which branch they were in and how long they served.

“I liked that we did the veterans assembly because we made them feel included [in the Walnut community] as they [told us] their story. I felt grateful for their sacrifice to help us live a better life,” freshman Annita Wu said.

24 veterans told stories of their enlistment and training and brought photo albums, awards and medals to show students. Students were also given the chance to ask questions about their experiences.

“Not everybody can serve in the military. It’s a really big sacrifice,” army infantry first sergeant Solomon Preciado said. “I have people ask me, ‘What’s my favorite thing to remember?’ It’s that I brought all my guys back home.”

History teacher Brett Landis and forensic science teacher Donna Waggener contacted veterans from the American Legion to participate in the assembly. The veterans came from different branches of the military, such as the navy, the army, the marines and the air force.

“The purpose of today is for students to learn from our veterans what they did for our country and for our freedom and what their sacrifices were,” Waggener said. “It’s important for our students to understand and remember the importance of what our military is here for. Freedom’s not free.”


By Flora Lei, Arts editor

Photo by Jessie Dixon


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