Students cast votes in mock election

Students participated in a mock election coordinated by Dean of Health and Humanities Josefina Steinmetz on Tuesday, Oct. 11.

This was the first mock election that students have participated in electronically. After downloading a code-scanning application onto their phones, students scanned a provided Quick Response (QR) code and completed an online ballot.

“[The mock election] is supposed to make [students] think about the decisions they would have to make when they eventually go to an actual election in their senior year or beyond that,” Steinmetz said.

The mock election focused on topics regarding political issues, presidential candidates and proposed bills.

“Politics right now are applying more and more towards the youth,” sophomore Jason Yen said. “People like to pick politics without knowing what they actually stand for or what other options there are. [This shows] that students like the popular view without knowing what’s actually there.”

The presidential result ended with 54 percent in favor of Hillary Clinton, while the vote for the position of California senator resulted in a 57 percent lead by Kamala D. Harris. Proposition 51 for school improvement was passed with 70 percent, Proposition 58 for the use of non-English languages in the school system passed with 75 percent, and Proposition 67 banning the distribution of plastic bags passed with 60 percent.

“I’m glad that [this department] does this so that we know what to expect when the actual election comes around,” freshman Ruth Cichoski said. “This seems like a good way to get involved not only now but in the future when the [rest of us] are old enough to vote.”

By Tristan Gonzalez, Staff writer
Photo by Sara Corona

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