Students partake in Holocaust Memorial Day

Students in Marissa Beemer’s English 2 Honors classes will participate in Holocaust Memorial Day to commemorate those who lost their lives in the Holocaust Friday, Jan. 27.

Each student will create a poster with the phrase “We Remember.” The classes will take pictures of students holding up their signs and post them on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram with the hashtag “#WeRemember.” People all over the world are taking part in this event and aim to reach six million posts with the hashtag for the six million Jews that were killed during the Holocaust.

“[This day] is a memorial to let people be aware of what happened in history, [which] is important in many different aspects and dynamics. We need to know history so we learn from our mistakes. We [shouldn’t] allow things like that to happen again,” sophomore Aqeelah Ahmed said. “Personally, I think it changed me because when you learn something like this, and it hits you really hard, you want to prevent things like this [from] ever happening in the future. I want to help people and learn how to prevent any other disasters like the Holocaust.”

By Jeremy Hsiao, Staff writer
Photos courtesy of Melissa Kim and Kayla Tran