The Hoofprint wins first place at virtual competition

Students listen to presenter Gabby Galvan.

The Hoofprint won first place in Super Sweepstakes at the virtual 2021 Eastern Los Angeles Journalism Education Association (ELAJEA) competition that took place Saturday, Feb. 20.

Staff members from the Hoofprint competed regionally in writing categories, such as News, Critical Review, Feature and Sports, for which they had been practicing since the start of the second semester. Those who placed in their categories’ top ten places received awards for their performance at the competition, contributing to the school’s Super Sweepstakes value.

“I felt confident because I competed twice before, so I know the formatting and how to write,” copy and coverage editor-in-chief junior Andrew Kim, who placed first in Critical Review, said. “Honestly, with online, I feel comfortable because we have access to recordings. With online, we can pinpoint a lot more accurate things. [Being] in person, the experience is a lot more nerve- wracking.”

In January and February, practices for the competition consisted of mock press conferences, in which members of the Hoofprint’s head editorial board acted as participants of newsworthy events while competitors would ask them questions and write articles based on the events.  

“I reviewed AP style guidelines and basic news writing principles,” feature editor sophomore Emily Cao, who placed first in News, said. “Perhaps the most effective form of preparation, however, was participating in the mock competitions as they provided the opportunity to actually apply these skills. Doing more extensive preparation compounded with the experience you generally gain with time truly goes a long way.”

The upcoming state competition provided by Southern California Journalism Education Association (SCJEA) will take place Saturday, March 13.

“I did feel like it was good practice for us to go through the whole process like an actual competition would. It helped me become familiar with what is expected of me,” staffer freshman Cathy Li, who placed second in Novice News, said. “I did feel proud because it was a testament to my abilities that I did not think I had.”

By Landon Park, Staff writer
Photo courtesy of ELAJEA