Walnut Walkers

Therapeutic Rehabilitation students help senior citizens

Therapeutic Rehabilitation students are meeting with senior citizens from the senior center regularly as part of a new project to help them improve their overall health and well-being.

The project, Walnut Walkers, allows students in the class to get to know the senior citizens better and use their skills on real patients.

“I’m really looking forward to walking with them so I can get to know them more,” senior Justin Liu said. “Some of the members and their children and grandchildren have been or are in the medical field, and I’d love to hear their stories about that or anything else they’d like to share with us.”

Students are assigned to a senior citizen to evaluate their overall health condition, such as blood pressure, heart rate and body fat percentage and give the walkers health tips when they meet at the senior center during first period at the senior citizen’s convenience.

“I think this is important because for us, it can help us interact with other people because we’re making changes, we’re getting to know them better, and we’re helping them with their lives,” senior Brian Liu said. “We hope to achieve a better clinical experience for better interaction, and we also want to help the Walnut Walkers do better.”

The senior citizens and students both set goals relating to the senior citizen. Students help them achieve those goals by giving advice depending on the goal.

“It’s a really good experience to work with people their age, and it’s cool to give back to the community,” senior Lawrence Lieu said. “I’m looking forward to working more with the elders and helping them out with their goals and exercise.”

By Flora Lei, staff writer
Photo Courtesy of Brian Liu

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