There’s no place like home school

Distance learning is a way for students to learn from home due to the closure of schools because of COVID-19. Students are finding new strategies for studying and adapting to their new learning environment.

Students have been attending Zoom or Google Meet sessions with each of their teachers, following the WHS Distance Learning Student Schedule. The schedule gives students one hour and 30 minutes twice a week to do work for each of their classes.

Some students are having trouble adjusting to the change, lacking a motivation to do all their schoolwork while at home. It is new for everyone and that makes it harder to adapt.

“I prefer regular school over distance learning because it’s harder to raise my grades since some teachers aren’t doing tests anymore,” freshman Emily Tzou said. “It makes me feel discouraged. The hardest part about learning from home is not being able to see my friends.”

Working at home can be hard because it is a very different environment that might discourage students from doing work. There are also many distractions at home such as parents and siblings that can lead students to be unmotivated to do their assignments. 

Some ways I have been studying and working efficiently is that when I needed to be productive, I would clear my workspace and have homework in front of me, sometimes with some music playing as well,” sophomore Nicholas Heng said. “I don’t feel as productive, but I have to force myself to do the work. Getting out of bed at the right time and sleeping at a responsible time has been the hardest part.” 

Students are assigned work to do on Google Classroom and other educational sites. These are platforms that have been used before, that students are now using every day to do work.

“Online learning is not effective,” Tzou said. “It’s harder to concentrate when the teachers are teaching through a screen.”

By Sajjan Sandhu, Staff writer

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