Track competes against South Hills

Track and Field had its non-league and non-scoring meet against South Hills High School on Thursday, March 19.

“The non-scoring meet gave me a chance to relax while I jumped, which actually helped me jump further,” freshman Patrick Chua said. “I wasn’t thinking very hard about everything and I didn’t have as much pressure of letting my team down.”

Notable races included the boys’ 4×400 meter relay of seniors Millen Trujillo, Ethan Van Setten, Michael Fernando and Mario Chalew, who led South Hills by five to 10 meters for much of the race.

“Overall, I am proud of my performance in the 4×400 meter. I’ve been training hard for both the 400 meter and the 800 meter and I’m glad I pulled through to win the race,” Fernando said. “The crowd was also a big factor because, I feel that a lot of running is mental, and hearing the roar of my teammates, really helped me give it my all during the race.”

The team will have its next scored meet on Thursday, March 26 against West Covina.

“I’m a bit of both nervous and excited about the scored meet. Nervous that we might lose, but excited to see how the other team will be,” freshman Cossette Sanqui said. “It doesn’t really matter if it’s scored, in my point of view. Even if they are scored or not, everyone tries their hardest to do well in their events.”

By Olivia Chiang, Staff writer

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