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UC Riverside representative visits Walnut

Seniors attended a University of California (UC) Application workshop to fill out UC applications and learn more about college and career options Tuesday, Oct. 24.

Juan Lopez, UC Riverside representative and freshman counselor, hosted the workshop and guided the students through the application process. Lopez presented a slideshow that included requirements and advice to help seniors increase their chances of getting into a UC.

“We’re looking for students who are academically strong and have a balance in regards to the extra activities, like sports and clubs. We want to make sure that the student can handle the academics while learning how to step back and enjoy themselves,” Lopez said. “My suggestion, for freshmen, [is] challenge yourself by taking the honors courses and at the same time experiment with career paths. You [should] explore in high school by being part of any clubs that deals with [the activities] you’re doing.”

Seniors who attended the workshop were given an application to be filled based on their grades in the classes they took and the types of courses they seek to approach in the future.

“[The workshop] made me aware of how much attention I needed to put in [and] opened my eyes [to] time allocation, like how much time I should put in,” senior Colby Liew said. “I think I’m rather well prepared for [the admission process], in the sense that it just made me aware of what they want you to do. [The workshop] allowed me to visualize better the directions I needed to take based on the questions that the colleges were asking for admission.”

By Jacob Khuu, staff writer
Photo by Airi Gonzalez

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