“Ungodly Hour” inspires younger audiences

Chloe X Halle’s new album “Ungodly Hour”

After the second studio album release of Chloe X Halle’s “Ungodly Hour” in 2020, the duo released the deluxe edition of Ungodly Hour, titled “Ungodly Hour: Chrome Edition.” Featuring two new tracks from the first edition of “Ungodly Hour,” the sisters incorporate R&B songs that are both catchy and full of vivacious sound to inspire and connect with listeners. 

Chloe X Halle first begin their album with a soft, heavenly melody in “Intro.” They then move on to “Forgive Me,” which begins with their vocals then leads into the catchy melody. The rhythmic claps and drums in the background offer a steady beat while the sisters sing, and the soulful solo from one of the sisters in the middle of the song expresses passion and desire. The sisters then end the song abruptly, as if it is one last hurrah, which effortlessly creates a unique, unexpected and memorable way to end the song. 

Chloe X Halle then move on to sing “Baby Girl,” an inspirational song where they remind the listeners that they have the world in their hands. The sisters offer a feminist take on this, saying “Do it for the girls all around the world,” reminding young women listening to the song to stay strong and motivated. “Baby Girl” starts with a soft but steady beat in the background that is accompanied by snaps that complement their soft voices as they sing to this song. “Baby girl” is repeated over and over again as a coo, which offers a sense of comfort and calmness. The repetition of this phrase is a reminder of everything they stand for, and it soothes the listener, offering them a reprieve from the crowded, busy lifestyle they lead. There is an echo after each line in “Baby Girl,” which is a good way to complement the main voice. The combination of the vocals and the background music does get overpowering in some lines, and it does give off the feeling that the beat in the background is drowning out everything that she was trying to say. 

“Hazy,” which is one of the two songs that have been added to the chrome edition of “Ungodly Hour,” is added towards the end of the album, like a closing to “Ungodly Hour: Chrome Edition.” The song begins in a calm but dominant way, with their steady voices and the echoing beat in the background creating a catchy and unforgettable memory. When the sisters say, “Falling for me baby, I know I make you crazy, like when the clouds are hazy,” they translate some of the haziness that their significant others may feel onto their listeners and audience. Chloe and Halle create a catchy beat when they say, “Touch me like you hate me, love me like you hate me,” which helps create an unforgettable melody. The sisters’ dominant voices singing the lyrics complement the background beats, the drums and the background vocals. All the sounds in “Hazy” come together to create a heavenly and ethereal vibe that listeners will draw inspiration from. 

“Ungodly Hour: Chrome Edition” consists of many catchy songs with beats that complement each other to create a memorable album. Chloe and Halle serve as older sisters to their younger audience and send an inspiring message to their listeners through this album.

By Flora Lei, Staff writer
Photo courtesy of Genius