United Med invites guest speaker

United Med invited a guest speaker to teach club members about careers in the medical field on Monday, Jan. 8.

Respiratory therapist Thuy Ta spoke to club members about how she began her career in practicing medicine. Ta told students about characteristics they should possess while working in the medical field, such as problem solving, communication and patience.

“I hope [the students] gain more knowledge and possibly explore what they want to do in the future because of this meeting. For once, I realized how much commitment you have to have in your work and mentality because our speaker talked about how passionate you have to be in the [medical field],” cabinet member junior Valerie Peh said.

Ta also explained the medical challenges she confronted in her career, such as diagnosing patients and fixing airways for the first time. She concluded the meeting with advice about maintaining a focused mentality and staying resilient throughout college courses.

“I learned from this meeting that any specialization in the medical field requires lots of hard work. [With] hard work, anyone has the potential to become a professional in their desired field,” club member freshman Ethan Park said.

By Jacob Khuu, Staffer
Photo by Emily Ng

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