Varsity boys basketball loses to Los Altos

Varsity boys basketball lost to Los Altos 69-61 in a home league game Friday, April 23. 

Point guard sophomore Malik Khouzam led the team with 33 points, four assists and one rebound, followed by guard senior Ryan Win scoring 10 points, three rebounds and seven assists. The Mustangs had a total of seven steals, 20 rebounds and 15 assists. 

Los Altos began the first quarter by winning the tip-off and scoring a two point field goal. Win scored three free throws and two field goals for a total of seven points. The quarter ended 20-12 in favor of Los Altos.

“We could’ve been better on the defensive side and helped guide people and communicate better,” small forward sophomore Christian Aquino said. “The other team got the best of us although we played tough.”

Khouzam scored twelve points with four field goals and two free throws in the second quarter. At the end of the first half, Walnut trailed 36-29.

“Our team was able to stick to the game plan and do what our coach told us.” Aquino said. “I think at certain points in the game I executed well. I could have improved in other times, but I know we had nothing to lose and we had to give it our all.”

The third quarter began with Los Altos’ ball, which was quickly stolen by Walnut scoring a three point field goal. Shooting guard junior Tyler Stevens scored one out of Walnut’s six field goals that quarter, which ended with the Conqueror’s leading 52-48. 

“It feels good [to score]. I know I’m contributing to the team and contributing to the game,” Stevens said. “I’m doing my job because that’s what [my team] counts on me to do, and it’s great when I’m able to execute out [on the court].”

Los Altos began the fourth quarter with two free throws after a foul on Stevens. Khouzam dominated the quarter scoring three field goals and two free throws with a total of eight points. The Mustangs made five field goals and two free throws, losing the game 69-61. 

“Anyone obviously wants to win every game they play, but we played our best for the game but we only lost by eight,” Stevens said. “Hopefully next time we play Los Altos we replay our best game and come out with the win.”

By Sophia Parungao, Staff writer

Photo by Kevin Lu