Varsity boys soccer defeats Diamond Ranch

Varsity boys soccer defeated Diamond Ranch 3-1 in its first season game Wednesday, Jan. 8.

In the first half, the Mustangs penetrated the Panthers’ defensive line when forward junior Andrew Ruiz scored the Mustangs’ first goal after an assist from right wing senior Micah Rickard. The Panthers scored their first goal from a penalty kick, ending the first half 1-1.

“The biggest change this year is how our coach helped prepare us for this game. He set a game plan on what to do during the game, and it’s really helped us out,” defensive midfielder junior Jasdeep Sandhu said. “He would create formations and change them accordingly to the other team.“ 

During the second half, the Mustangs and Panthers were still tied after multiple saves from goalkeeper senior Ziao Zhen. Walnut’s midfielders kept possession throughout the second half but were unable to score, resulting in extra time. In the first half of extra time, Rickard was scored giving the Mustangs a 2-1 lead. During the second half of overtime, forward senior Angel Hernandez scored to finish off the game 3-1.

“When I first scored the goal, I was honestly really excited because my coach had put me back on and I had not been expecting to do that much,” Rickard said. “It feels great to have such a good game at the start of the season because we know we have that momentum to help take us, but we know that we can’t take the other teams lightly because we have to carry through the rest of the season.”

By Samuel Au, Staff writer
Photo by Daniela Marquez