Veterans Day

Veterans visit for Veterans’ Day

Students participated in a Veteran’s Day Assembly to learn more about veterans’ stories on Monday, Nov. 6.

The veterans, ranging from commanders to soldiers, educated students about their past experiences in the military. The veterans were seated at tables in the Multipurpose Room, allowing students to rotate around and listen to them.

“[This meeting] makes you look at people in the army from the different point of view. You’re listening to their story, and you’re experiencing their experiences. I feel like I know the [veterans] a bit more, and I get to actually see and hear their stories,” junior Allen Kao said. “You just know that they’re human beings too, just like us, and that their stories are really inspiring.”

The veterans told stories about their enlistment, their motivations to enlist and experiences with enemy encounters. They also shared photos taken from their time in the military to help students visualize the posts their squads were assigned to.

“I think what [the kids] are doing is gaining a new perspective on what’s going on, what happened and what might happen again,” American Legion Commander Dino Baldon said. “Basically, I was coming [to the school] by surprise, just an exchange of information, question and answer.”

While listening to the veterans, students filled out a log containing information about their veteran’s services and role in the military. The students later used their logs for an assignment given by their teachers.

“I definitely felt inspired as the veteran was telling us about his experiences, and it seemed like he knew a lot about [his post]. Starting young is something I [learned because] if I started early for something, I’d eventually get better and better at it,” sophomore Brian Thurston said.

By Jacob Khuu, staff writer
Photo By Airi Gonzalez

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