Virtual college visits take place with admissions counselors

Virtual visits with college admissions counselors are available for all students from Thursday, Aug. 27 until Saturday, Nov. 14. 

Students can register to join online meetings with admissions counselors and directors from colleges around the nation. Ranging 30 minutes to an hour, these free sessions inform students about application processes, campus life, financial aid, clubs, activities and academic programs. 

“[Admissions counselors] go over how to apply to the college and what they look for, which is the best advice,” college and career counselor Candice Marsano said. “You really want to find out as much information and see if [the college] is the right fit for you.” 

Through the Zoom application, admissions counselors provide powerpoint presentations on their school and campus. Students can ask questions and start building a connection with the counselors. 

“You can listen in and see what the [colleges] offer because it’s your money, it’s your future,” Marsano said. “I really encourage students to take advantage of it. It’s a great opportunity, even if you’re younger.” 

By Sophia Parungao, Staff writer
Photo courtesy of Candice Marsano