W.I.S.E. visits Science, Technology, Engineering, Math Leadership Symposia

Women in Science and Engineering (W.I.S.E) hosted its first ever field trip to Life on the Fast Track Science Technology Engineering and Math (LOFT STEM) Leadership Symposia on Friday, Oct. 24.

Students were introduced to a wide spectrum of jobs and gained insight into the steps necessary to pursue their dream career.

“Since I did have interest in pharmacy and one of them was a pharmacist, she gave me information on how to gain experience, where to take the test to pass and what’s required to become a pharmacist,” junior Kate De Los Santos said.

At the conference, members of W.I.S.E. not only listened to a group of panelists talk about their different careers but also had the opportunity to ask any work related questions.

“It [was] pretty inspiring. They made their day to day lives seem more interesting than I thought it was. So I think I’m more interested in the STEM field than [I was] before hearing them talk,” junior Eliza Serrano said.

Aside from the question and answer session with the panelists, members of W.I.S.E participated in a leadership activity, where they watched clips about the consequences of a world without leadership and discussed what would happen if everyone decided to take leadership.

“[This experience] really opened up my eyes to the different kinds of perspectives on going into a STEM field and it solidified [my decision on] what I want to become,” junior Emily Shelton said.

By Sophia Ding, Staff writer

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