Walnut FBLA competes in sectionals

Walnut FBLA will be competing in the Inland Section Leadership Conference Saturday, Feb. 6 at Los Osos High School.

This is the first competition of the year, preceding the State Leadership Conference in Ontario and the National Leadership Conference in Atlanta, which are both contingent on placing in the sectionals.

“This is my first year in FBLA, so I’m excited to see what the competition is like,” junior Karthik Duggirala said. “Mr. Jacoby, the business teacher, really influenced me to join because he told his classes what a great club it is. I went to LDI [Leadership Development Institute] earlier this year and had a lot of fun, so hopefully sectional [competition] is too. I’ve been interested in stocks since I was a little kid, so it’s cool that I’ll get to use some of the knowledge.”

Walnut FBLA has placed first in the Inland Section for the last three years.

“I feel like it’s a lot of pressure on us to do well [this year] because we’ve done well in the past,” conference manager senior Anton Yeung said. “The trophy really reminded members to study up on their events. Hopefully, we’ll have a lot of members place and have an even stronger performance at State.”

By Brian Chen, Staff writer