Walnut High School of the Arts hosts Claymation Film Festival

Fundamentals of Art, Advanced Art and AP Studio Art displayed student-produced films in the Claymation Film Festival on Thursday, Dec. 17 in the PAC.

Students first prepared for their miniature films by sketching out their characters and molding figures out of colored clay. Then they took multiple pictures of the characters acting out a storyline to compile into a single video.

“For Advanced Art [students], most of us were trying to go for more of a horror-themed project because it started during Halloween,” freshman Brian Duran said. “Everyone started at different paces, and everyone has different stories, different backgrounds. It’s just a matter of each person getting [his or her] timing right.”

After filming the videos, the students collaborated in their groups and recorded voice-overs with different accents to give each character a role in the storyline.

“The most difficult part was coming up with a character because Mrs. O’Shields wanted us to create similar characters that were used in Tim Burton’s movies. Basically, we needed a plot that wasn’t normal,” sophomore Alexandria Yu said. “We also wanted to inform the school and the parents of the art students of our progress in the art class. We want to show them what we have been working on continuously for about two to three months now.”

During the festival, the films were judged by the audience through an online voting platform based on the content of the plot and the amount of creativity put into the production of each project. Freshmen Anna Saito, Jing Wong and Naomi Nakamura collectively earned first place for “The Tea Party,” and each person received a Kindle Fire tablet and $10 gift cards for Panera Bread and Nature’s Juice as prizes.

“My group was really fun to work with, and we were able to make the film really creepy,” Saito said. “It felt amazing [to win]. It’s been many years since I won anything, so it was very exciting. I was so ecstatic about it that I was shaking. My whole group felt the same as well.”

By Jessica Huang, Staff writer

Photo by Sajid Iqbal

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