Walnut renovates pool

Construction for the swimming pool renovation began in early July and will end in April 2016.

Changes include making the pool deeper and larger, adding lanes to accommodate more people and building covered seating in the surrounding stands.

“It’s going to be a beautiful space for aquatic sports and P.E. for the Walnut High School community,” operations manager Jacqueline Rojas said. “The new pool [and its facilities] will be something the Mustangs can be proud of for years to come.”

Since the construction period began, the water polo team has moved its practices to Diamond Bar High School. As a result, the players have had to adjust to Diamond Bar’s practice schedule.

“We usually have to practice late at night, which is an inconvenience because we have to figure out how to get school work done while balancing that with practice times,” varsity water polo captain senior Kyle Trieu said.

Despite the complications with scheduling, the swim and water polo teams are looking forward to having new facilities. Reconstruction will replace the scoreboard, fix the pool heater and remodel the pool room.

“When the pool is fixed, we’ll have better results in practice,” varsity swimmer junior Angelica Quesada said. “The pool room was really disgusting, so people didn’t like to spend time in there. Now we’ll be able to hang out there more and become a closer team.”

The larger dimensions of the pool will allow the junior varsity and varsity teams to practice simultaneously and make their training schedules more efficient.

“I think that bringing a new pool to the school will also bring a new attitude to the team,” Trieu said. “With a new facility, the team will be reinvigorated and will be more motivated to work harder. We’ll have a new drive to do better in the game.”

By Jo Ann Sun, Scene editor

Photo by Anna Yu

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