Walnut Solar Car attends Honda-sponsored Symposium

Walnut Solar Car members attended a symposium and lecture session, hosted by Honda, that taught members how to build a better and more efficient car.

On Sunday, March 15, Honda engineers gave students a lecture which covered information on solar panels and math formulas the students should use, along with other ways to improve their car; at the question and answer session, they also answered any questions about the cars.

“I’m part of the fundraising team, and so my mom and I got a hold of Honda and asked if they could come by and help us out. The honda guy’s name was Ryan. He really helped our team out by answering our plentiful amount of questions,” freshman Augustus Rodriguez said. “Our goal [as a team] was to get him to fundraise and support us. I felt that the great experience helped us answer our questions about what to do with our solar and electric cars, and we got to show him around.”

By Brandon Ng, News editor