Walnut vs. Mark Keppel varsity girls volleyball game preview

Junior Emily Tsou passes the ball in pre-game warm up

Varsity girls volleyball has been preparing for a home game against Mark Keppel Thursday Sept. 2 at 5:45 p.m.

Coming off a win on Tuesday, Aug. 31, the team has continued practicing as usual. They rest more for the game, but are trying to keep their winning streak by doing hard sets. 

“Our team has been working really hard during practice and improving our gameplay, ball reading and control,” outside hitter senior Sabrina Evangelista said. “We have all worked really hard and we genuinely enjoy playing volleyball with each other.” 

The team tries to consistently change strategies every game and know when lineups are worth keeping.

“We tried a new lineup last game that worked really well so we’ll probably be doing that or some sort of variation of it,” libero junior Angelina Rodriguez said. “I feel pretty confident about the team and myself for the game.”

Not only must the team keep its physical aspects in check, but also its mental outlook on the game. The team relies on having an uplifted attitude. 

“I make sure to maintain a positive mentality on and off the court and just play the game,” Evangelista said. “I’m really confident in the team for the game and our season in general. We always have a good time when we’re on the court while still putting our best effort to win.”

Written by Remy Wong, Sports Editor
Photo by Kevin Lu