Walnut’s 50th anniversary celebration at Open House

Walnut High School’s 50th anniversary celebration took place during Open House Thursday, March 8.

Parents visited the campus from 7-8:30 p.m. Teachers spoke with parents individually to talk about their student’s performance.

“Open House was an amazing experience for me to see the wonderful advancements our high school has made over the past 50 years,” senior Nikhil Bhakata said. “I got to see [how] other students and I have progressed. It made me feel accomplished.”

As an extension of last year’s 50th anniversary, a celebration in the gym was held. Walnut alumni had a reunion and saw how the school had changed since they graduated. In addition, Associated Student Body (ASB) provided tours of the campus throughout the evening.

“ASB was helping the school, and being able to contribute to the anniversary celebration was cool because we saw all the alumni,” ASB member junior Megan Vergel de Dios said. “Seeing all the different generations of people who have been here is pretty cool.”

Many clubs and organizations, including Leo Club, Robotics Club, Sports Medicine and Walnut Animal Group, set up booths to fundraise, showcase their accomplishments and attract more members.  

“It was really nice showing people our robot. They were curious about it and wanted to see how it worked,” Robotics club member freshman Jason Wang said. “I felt that Open House was a great time to inform people about our robotics team and achievements.”

By Jennifer Chang, Staff writer
Photo by Isaac Le