WHAM conducts tryouts for last pep rally performance

Walnut High School All Male (WHAM) dance team hosted pep rally tryouts on Thursday, Jan. 21 and will be continuing them on Monday, Jan. 25.

To prepare auditioners, captains conducted workshops on Wednesday for dance team girls, Thursday for girls not on the dance team and Friday for WHAM members. Each group is given a few days to practice before trying out on Thursday (for dance team girls) and Monday (for other dancers).

“Personally, it helps to have a few days to practice because for some people, repetition is the only way they can understand the piece, and it helps make the overall dance much nicer. Plus, most of the pieces that are given to us are an example of what’s going to be performed later on. [By seeing their performances], we kind of know what we’re getting into,” sophomore Patrick Chua said.

The captains are looking for talented individuals who are willing to develop their set of skills and work hard for spots in the last pep rally performance.

“I hope WHAM will take this as a learning experience and grow from it since they’ve done it all before and gone through it before. I hope they get better and have more confidence in their dances. As a group, we hope to have [this rally] be as amazing and hyped as last year’s last pep rally. We’re known for our last rally, and we hope to live up to the expectations and our past performances,” WHAM captain senior Ryan Yamasaki said.

By Angela Zhang, Staff writer

Video by Jeffrey Tran