WHS students attend TEDxYouth

Students, including members from Key Club and National Honor Society (NHS), attended the TEDxYouth @ CityofIndustry event at Glen A. Wilson High School on Saturday, Jan. 10. At the event independently organized by high school students across Southern California, students had the opportunity to listen to 10 speakers who aimed to inspire youth by addressing global issues.

Originally scheduled to occur in November 2014 as part of TEDxYouthDay, “a series of events all around the world that coincide with TEDYouth” (www.ted.com), the City of Industry event was postponed due to scheduling conflicts.

“I never heard of TEDx before, so when the opportunity came up, I searched TEDx up and I thought that this was a really good chance to see and hear people talk about their lives and learn something from them,” senior Kimberly Lee said.

Volunteers contributed to the event by preparing activities and cleaning up the venue afterwards. Other Walnut students also participated in the event by providing film production and graphic design services.

“I decided to help out because I watch a lot of TEDx on my own, and when Fong [Kuo] told me, I was actually really excited to do it because I love TED Talks. They’re very inspirational and it’s something I enjoy watching, so I would love to be in the production of making one,” junior Matthew McBride said.

With the theme as “Worlds Imagined”, audience members were also asked to answer the open-ended statement “If I ruled the world…” in order to demonstrate how the youth could impact the future.

“Everything I heard has kind of just made me more optimistic and more confident overall. It makes me want to second guess which colleges I applied to because now I’m just like, ‘What if I can do it?’ It’s overwhelming, the amount of new opportunities that I now have. It was kind of just like, realize what your passion is and follow it,” senior Camille Casilang said.

Two of the speakers included Paul Steinberg, a professor and author who talked about breaking social rules, and Cassandra De Pecol, a world ambassador attempting to break the Guinness world record for traveling to all 196 Sovereign States in under three years to support world peace.

“[De Pecol] asked three things that make you the happiest and try to make that your passion. I’ve been pondering over what those three things are. I haven’t really put a finite answer on them, but I’ve been thinking of a ton of things that make me happy. So far they’ve been with film production and seeing reactions of people to stuff I make,” McBride said.

Since the event was tailored to high school and college students, the lineup also included student speakers who encouraged the audience to pursue their passions by promoting confidence and optimism.

“They related more to the audience because it was a TEDxYouth thing, so they knew more about what we were going through, like how we felt usually so they were able to base their talks off of that,” sophomore Anam Moloo said. “It was pretty cool like, that whole concept because we’re supposed to be the next generation where the people will rule the world next.”

By Anita Chuen, Manager

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