Winter Sports Pep Rally

The Winter Pep Rally hosted by Associated Student Body (ASB) celebrated boys wrestling, girls wrestling, boys basketball, girls basketball, boys soccer, girls soccer and girls water polo Friday, Jan. 18 in the gym.

Decorations and activities including mythological references and chariot races were centered around Rick Riordan’s “The Last Olympian” from the Percy Jackson series. Freshmen wore Demeter orange, sophomores dressed in Apollo yellow, juniors wore Aphrodite pink and seniors dressed in Hades black to show spirit.

“We’ve been thinking about this theme for a long time because it’s one that’s a lot of fun, and we can do a lot with it. Pep rallies are what we remember of our high school [life], so it’s good to have a theme that gets people excited for them,” ASB member junior Francis Gonzalez said.

Marching Band’s “Happy” and a compilation of hip hop songs such as “Money” and “Feeling Myself” presented by Cheer started the rally. Dance team’s small lyrical dance followed with emotional and dramatic movements to “Closure” by Hayley Warner.

“In the beginning, it’s always nerve-wracking, but once you’re on stage, it feels really welcoming because you’re dancing with your team,” dance team member junior Jaylenn Choi said. “At competitions, we have other schools cheering for us, but when it’s your own school cheering, you get very proud.”

Between events, the varsity captains of each winter sport spoke about their seasons and upcoming games. As they went around the gymnasium, students cheered for athletes from their respective classes.

“It was funny just hanging out with friends and seeing which year could yell louder because the spirit was top notch,” sophomore Andy Lee said. “It made me excited for honestly everything about continuing at Walnut High.”

By Tara Kulshrestha, Staff writer
Photo by Issac Le