Wolf Corp. Robotics team hosts Chipotle fundraiser

Wolf Corp. Robotics team at Chipotle

Wolf Corp. Robotics team planned and hosted an in-person fundraiser at Chipotle on Valley Blvd Sunday, Aug. 29 from 5-9 p.m.

Wolf Corp. scheduled the fundraiser 3 weeks before the actual event, contacting Chipotle to create a flyer. Once arriving at the fundraiser, students and parents alike ordered their food and had to show the promoting flyer to the cashier in order to count toward the program.

“We simply share the flyer, each [member sends] it to a few friends, post it on social media, and it usually brings in a decent amount of people,” co-captain senior Glory Zhang said. 

The proceeds will be going to a variety of competition funds such as tournament registration, setups, workshops, and STEM lessons. They will also be using the money to buy parts of outreach kits and robot materials, including aluminum parts, motors, cameras and appliances.

“As the objective of the competition changes from one year to the next, we’re always brainstorming new ideas and trying new things, leading to a need for new materials,” Zhang said. “If we didn’t have a robot we’d be as good as dead.” 

This fundraiser was one of the first in-person meetings Wolf Corps. had this year. In turn, the event turned into a bonding as both members and non-members stayed to eat together and take pictures. 

“It’s always enjoyable seeing the team gather together,” Zhang said. “There’s something satisfying about having everyone there, especially after such long stretches of time where we only see each other through the screen.” 

By Remy Wong, Sports editor
Photo courtesy of Glory Zhang