Women in Science and Engineering explain black holes through marble art


Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) decorated pencils with water marble art by utilizing nail polish and water to further understand the theory of black holes on Wednesday, Nov. 18.

“I thought it was pretty interesting [to host this event] because we were talking about black holes, and the reason why you use the nail polish was because it makes a layer on the surface. It’s just a creative way to tie it into what we’re learning,” WISE cabinet chair senior Amy Trinh said.

To start the process, students used nail polish that was added to cups filled with water to create surface tension. Then, they used toothpicks to create designs with colors such as indigo blue and cream-colored nail polish. When the pencil was submerged into the water, it reflected the design that was made by the toothpicks.

“No one really thinks about [nail polish] as a correlation to science. So it’s mostly taking things you wouldn’t normally think of and putting it in a new spin,” WISE president senior Nikita Rubio said. “If you’re learning something, you enjoy learning about it, and you enjoy the process. This will either increase an interest in something else or you’ll just have an enjoyable experience because that’s what school should be.”

By Airi Gonzalez, Tech team

Filmed by Jeffrey Tran, Tech team