Writer’s Guild and Spoken Word host Open Mic Night

Writers’ Guild and the Spoken Word team showcased their self-composed poetry and performed songs for the annual Open Mic Night on Friday, Dec. 4.

This was the first year that the teams partnered with UNICEF. A portion of the ticket sales and the profits made from selling boba went to the organization’s refugee relief program.

“Having more clubs involved means that the knowledge of the event spreads to more individuals. Rather than just appealing to the writers and poets of WHS, we can bring in people interested in music, acting or just those who want to help out the cause,” Spoken Word co-captain and Writers’ Guild secretary senior Angel Wong said.

Attendees were served pasta and breadsticks as they watched performances that covered a wide range of topics such as school, family heritage, astrology and personal thoughts.

“[While I was performing] I really just thought about the words. I didn’t focus on the people or the environment, I was just honing in on the meaning behind my words so that I could properly express them,” junior Adrienne Caparaz said.

By Julie Lee, Staff writer

Filmed by Vivian Lee, Tech team