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PDA: A touchy school subject

A couple is making out in front of your locker. What do you do? Do you just look at them awkwardly, or do you tell them to move?

Public displays of affection (PDA) should be allowed on campus. It’s not necessarily as bad as other people portray it to be. Perhaps it’s because I’m only an adolescent and therefore, I possess a less conservative perspective on this issue. In regards to PDA, there are many social factors that ultimately influence a person’s views. There’s your parents. There are your friends. There are movies. And there’s personal experience.

Parents have a role in the way students view PDA. There are parents who openly hold hands and kiss in front of their child, while there are parents who are very distant. Some parents also disapprove of kissing between their child and their child’s partner. These different childhood experiences can influence someone’s perspective, but regular, prolonged exposure to PDA can also promote acceptance.

When we get with a new partner, we often seek approval of those around us. For example, we ask our friends if we are making the right decision to talk to a particular boy or girl. This sense of fitting in makes us feel secure and confident. When we see our closest friends showing affection to their boyfriend or girlfriend, it elicits a weird feeling because we have a special connection with your friend. But on the other hand, when we see strangers making-out, it doesn’t affect us because we don’t have the same connection. Maybe that’s why we take more notice of PDA among our friends.

I feel that PDA should be allowed because it’s just a way for students to express their feelings in public. Does PDA affect students physically or mentally? For bystanders, it could be embarrassing and uncomfortable. But what can be done? Students feel intense feelings, and they want to do things to express themselves. Okay. I got it. This is the best way to explain it. There is a sense of pride that comes with PDA because it is a way for a student showing off love they have for each other. Basically, when you finally find that person who likes you as much as you like them, you want to hold their hands and show off to the public.

Let’s face it. Especially at schools, PDA is inevitable. Everyday, couples show off how much they like each other, but students, teachers and counselors are pretty divided when it comes to this matter. In fact, about half of the students here at Walnut are uncomfortable with PDA. Regardless of our discomfort, PDA shouldn’t be banned at schools or anywhere in any country. Let’s just say it’s their freedom of expression.

By Albert Law, Feature editor
Photo by Jeffrey Tran