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Podcast: Club Donations


Haixin Guo: Hi, I’m Haixin.

Olivia Chiang: Hi, I’m Olivia.

Chiang: And today, we’ll be talking about mandatory club donations. So the first problem is students who can’t afford to pay the club fee. Say the average for joining a club is about $20; if you joined five clubs that would be $100.

Chiang: $100 is kind of a lot for a high school student to pay, so these fees do add up and if that’s the case, students are limited to how many clubs they are interested in and want to join.

Guo: In some instances, students pay the fee and then the club dies down or it doesn’t do much or it even becomes inactive, so where exactly does the money go?

Chiang: A common question students have is they don’t really know where the money is going or how it’s being used, so these clubs that do charge a fee don’t really say where it’s going, and just kind of charge it automatically, so it’s kind of unfair for students because they don’t know what the money is being used for.

Guo: And also, what if students don’t want a club shirt? For example, Key Club this year made their shirt optional, and the club fee was cheaper for those who didn’t want the shirt.

Chiang: However, some clubs do charge money for club shirts, competitions, banquets and merchandise.

Guo: If you’re going to charge for banquets, I think that it would be better to charge it right before the banquet, that way the students know exactly what their money goes toward.

Chiang: I think clubs should try to follow Key Club’s example this year to make their merchandise optional because I know some members don’t exactly want a shirt they just want to participate in a club for the events they hold, so having the club shirt mandatory is kind of unreasonable for students to have to pay for. Another question is, “Are these donations really necessary?” There are other ways for clubs to fund money; there’s selling food after school, partnering with restaurants outside of school and selling clothes, so those are other options for clubs to make money.

Guo: For example, I know that if you partner with Chipotle, about 50 percent of the proceeds go toward the organization or club, so that’s pretty much a viable option.

Chiang: Thank you.

By Olivia Chiang, Coverage Lead and Haixin Guo, Copy Lead

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