School pride plays key role in creating unity

In a time where we all are so far apart, school spirit holds a role that is more important than ever. It’s necessary to have something that uplifts students and teachers and creates unity among us. Utilizing school spirit as a glue to hold together some sort of normalcy in this very unfamiliar time is a key role in keeping some aspects of in-person school functioning. 

School spirit could be seen in the students smothered in face paint at football games, in those who dress from head to toe in spirit day attire and in the chants and cheers during pep rallies. Now, school spirit is viewed in Instagram story post contests, displayed in participation in drive-thru haunted mazes, and visible through newsletters from Dr. Maine.  Having pride in our school and our graduating classes gives us all a commonality, a driving force that connects all of us. Sure, not everyone knows everyone or has had a class with every person in their grade level but the shared interest in actively supporting peers as they sprint across the gym participating in whatever vigorous activity ASB has planned (although we haven’t been at school in-person since March) is what connects us all. 

Without school pride there would be few things to distinguish our school from others. School pride brings individuality through tradition and shared experiences. Inclusive activities from ASB unifies grade levels as well as the school in its entirety, bridging the gap between faculty and students. For the school as a whole, Friday Secret Spirit Days give students a chance to engage with their teachers by figuring out the theme of the day. Meals delivered by the ASB president and ASB adviser bring a feeling of comfort, knowing that the school is still running as it usually would be, and those who would normally surround us aren’t as far away as they feel. While safety precautions are still strictly followed it brings a sense of hope to see seniors participate in drive through photo booths, as it offers a tangible idea of a senior year that has almost reached its halfway point. 

Having school spirit is necessary, always but especially now. When it’s so hard to feel like school is a mandatory event, the repetitive process of opening a laptop and signing in to Google Classroom is disheartening. Focusing on the end goal, finishing the school year in person, requires the sort of spirit that having school pride brings.

By Bhalpriya Sandhu, Online Editor-in-chief
Editorial cartoon by Joy Wang