The Failures in Trump Filters

The ability to block out anyone whom we found disagreeable would be nice wouldn’t it? The Chrome extension, Trump Filter, allows you to do just that—block out Trump. However, when does this utility begin to make us ignorant? By using filters like these, we begin to narrow our field of vision and become ignorant to the happenings around us.

That is exactly what Rob Spectre, the creator of the Trump Filter, did. He created an extension that eradicates all mention of presidential candidate Donald Trump from our social media sites. For many people who despise Trump and his outlandish ways, this must seem like heaven.

Using the Trump Filter may grant a break from Donald Trump and his antics, but it also blocks out news that simply includes his name in it. By using the Trump Filter,  we start to have a very biased view of the election and miss a large part of the picture. When we use filters, we see what we want to see and end up  blocking out all other opinions and therefore lose part of the whole story.

Nowadays, utilities such as the Trump Filter hinder us from perceiving the counterarguments, and thus the whole story. Our unwillingness to listen to what the opposing viewpoint has to offer leads to a harmful ignorance. Our beliefs, which influence our actions, become limited and perhaps even irrelevant. Consequently, the way we treat people—with kindness and enough consideration—can also be affected.  

As we focus on his willingness to ban Muslims from America and his refusal to view global warming as a real threat, we do not allow ourselves to evaluate Trump as a whole. Trump is open to school choice, which will allow the students the freedom to choose where they want to go to school for their primary and secondary education.  He is also in favor of  giving the state and county control of schools, which could prove to be very helpful in the process of updating curriculums and district-wide changes.

Small details such as these may not matter as much, but the Trump Filter also damages the full image of the election. Any article or post with a mention of Trump’s name can be eradicated. This means any news of the political campaigns, any other moves Trump will make and news about other candidates, will also be gone. Filters like these cause us to become self-absorbed, stuck in the quicksand of ignorance, drowning in what we believe is “bliss,” but that’s not going to change anything. Instead of using filters like the Trump filter to bias our opinions, we should try to keep an open mind and do our own research before passing our judgement.

By Vivian Lee, Tech team 

Editorial cartoon by Richard Zhang