The long term benefits of IB

The rigorous academic requirement for the International Baccalaureate fosters both character and critical thinking skills. Features such as the Community Activity Service (CAS) program prompt students to be actively involved in their community and to garner outside-of-the-box experiences. Students are pushed to strive beyond just academic standards. Although the IB curriculum  attracts criticisms for its tedious and overwhelming workload, it is beneficial for the long-run.

Students are encouraged to participate in discussion-based questions during class to ensure that they synthesize and critically consider the material being taught. During discussions in IB English classes, all students are expected to contribute their own ideas and add on to the ideas of others. Students are placed in an environment where they are forced to work collectively in order to succeed.

Professional workmanship along with deliverance skills are stressed in order to ensure that students refrain from rote memorization that results from the typical busy work. These presentation and communication skills are necessary to acquire better job opportunities in the future; the ability to cooperate with other people is a powerful tool used to trigger creativity and productivity. For instance, many of the most renowned technology companies in the Silicon Valley promote interactive and hand-on environments via hackathons. The most innovative changes are incited when people pool their ideas, generating a foundation for successful individual projects.

Long term assignments, such as the Extended Essay, Internal Assessments, and the Individual Oral Presentation, are designed to prepare students for intellectual ingenuity required in college. Assignments like the Individual oral presentation adopts better self-assurance in their communication skills. The extended essay mirrors the research reports that are so commonly assigned in college level courses.  Students are required to research and evaluate a topic of their choice to the fullest extent. This essay is not designed to test students on what they know, but on rather how they know it and how the information they have learned can be applied to practical situations.

In the long run, IB is meant to prepare high-school students for college by imposing sometimes unforgiving college-level intellectual standards. The IB program does not guarantee prosperity in the future, but does provide the experience and skills needed to uphold a permanently strong work ethic.

By Lisa Shen, Opinion editor and Angela Zhang, Staff writer