The requirements of future success

The purpose of University of California (UC) requirements is to equip students with the readiness for college and life. A portion of the requirements include one year of both applied arts and visual performing arts (VPAs) and two years of foreign language. Although these requirements may seem unnecessary and restrictive, they offer us the opportunity to find a new passion and skill.

Classes like these don’t restrict us to the usual academic subjects. When I initially joined Publications, I was skeptical of what I would gain out of the class. Despite that, I’ve gained knowledge in both photojournalism and news writing. As a result of the applied art requirements, my skepticism of applied art classes have gone down once I’ve realized how much you’re able to gain from those classes.

The common criticism of mandatory classes is that they may seem restrictive to those who have a decided career path. They may hinder those who want to spend time studying an interest they plan to pursue. At the same time, it may be frustrating to take VPAs in the summer just to take a desired academic class during the year.

However, requirements also allow students to think with an open mind. Flexibility is a vital trait for students, as it allows students to become more well rounded. It’s important to stay educated in a variety of subjects, because it integrates both analytical skills and creative thinking. There’s a growing demand of integral curriculums; for instance, Stanford University formed a program combining computer science and humanities, trying to develop literary websites and mobile apps. This type of collaboration creates new ways of thinking and inspire innovation. It’s a rewarding trait for students to possess if they’re capable of applying one subject to another.

Clearly, requirements have been set for a reason. Student should embrace them for what they potentially can offer. Even though some may have a set career path, it doesn’t hurt to experiment or find new interests.

Jeffrey Tran, Business manager