Efficient communication with the Remind app

The Remind app is an extremely flexible and popular application known for both its reinforced communication and reliability, making it well used by many teachers here at Walnut High School.

The idea of such a platform was first thought of by Brett and David Kopf. Their primary goal is to help students and teachers alike improve education. Specialized in helping teachers, the Remind App alerts students of last minute scenarios such as homework updates, upcoming tests or a day’s schedule, all of which are extremely useful and effective for a teacher. Notifications also present themselves in the form of a text message, which help compensate for busy schedules. 

Setting up Remind is quick and effective, as it is accessible on both IOS and Android devices and notifies you whenever a message is sent by your teacher or adviser. The app itself is also free of charge, making it usable to all who possess a phone or device of sorts.

In some features, it is like a group chat where teachers are able to send one message to all their students, but the students may respond to only the teacher. Personal contact information also stays private and is never revealed. Also, messages cannot be deleted or edited, and a history of the messages sent out is always accessible to download and review.

To me, the Remind App draws more attention than normal text messages. It pops up on my lock screen in a different color and works almost like a regular text message, except it’s much easier to use for both the students and the teacher.

Remind is not limited to education. It can be used by a teacher to familiarize themselves with their students or reach out to them at different times. Documents may also be attached so that a teacher may send out more than just messages.

In comparison to social media, Remind feels much more professional and organized. The sole purpose of Remind is to help students and teachers, not to make money off of people or become a high-ranking app. Overall, Remind is a communication system that is reliable and easy to use for anyone. Used by over 35 million teachers including many of us here at Walnut High School, it is safe and efficient for everyone.

Written by Matthew Au, Staff writer

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