Big Rice Korean Cuisine opens in Walnut

The kimchi fried rice was slightly greasy despite its perfect appearance.

This restaurant’s name definitely stands correct as it’s winning big on its rice dishes. Big Rice Korean Cuisine is a soft opening Korean restaurant located on N. Lemon Avenue.

When I walked into the restaurant, the atmosphere was friendly. The server was attentive and assisted us each time we had a question. On top of that, the restaurant provided entertainment by playing “Squid Game” on the TV which made my experience much more enjoyable. The restaurant is a casual eatery although it does not have many decorations to make the place seem nicer. 

One thing I found interesting were the menus. Usually, restaurants would have real life pictures on their menus to give customers a sense of what they’re going to expect from what they order. Instead, this restaurant had cartoon images of what it offers on its menu. Although it does not provide consumers an entire picture, the cartoons were well drawn and made me feel welcomed. 

The restaurant offered banchan (side dishes), such as seaweed, kimchi and bean sprouts, which are typical in most Korean restaurants. The server returned to our table many times to offer more side dishes, which I greatly appreciated. The restaurant has Korean rolls, fried rice, rice bowls, stew, ramen and hot pot. I ordered bulgogi fried rice which was my definite favorite. I was not expecting much from the fried rice since fried rice is simple, but the dish caught me off guard. The bulgogi was fresh and the fried rice was cooked just right, so I definitely recommend getting it. I also ordered the kimchi fried rice. At first, it looked delicious with a perfect over-easy egg on top of the fried rice, but looks are deceiving. It was overly greasy and I don’t recommend it for those who can not handle greasy foods well. Finally, I got the bulgogi rice bowl, a simple choice for any meat lover with just bulgogi and steamed rice. The price of most of their dishes are above $10 and some are above $15. It’s not as cheap but it is worth it for the food.

Overall, Big Rice Korean Cuisine is the perfect place to go if you want a different and quality experience. Although some dishes are on the oily side, most of the dishes are well-prepared and the customer service is fabulous. 

By Scott Chen, Staff writer
Photo by Scott Chen