Celebrate holidays on skates

Pack your ice skates and get ready for the holidays, because Pershing Square Ice Rink is open every day for the holidays. Illuminated by the charming glow of Christmas lights, Pershing Square Ice Rink is the perfect place to find an extraordinary and unforgettable experience.

Engulfed by a vast cityscape, Pershing Square Ice Rink appears small and rests in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. The ice rink is surrounded by trees decorated with multicolored, festive lights. Loudspeakers around the ice rink play jubilant and animated music for visitors, mingling cheery tunes with their laughter and chatter. It’s no surprise that Pershing Square Ice Rink is a hotspot for festive families and bustling crowds.

Many visitors come to skate simply to have a laugh with friends, celebrate the holidays with family and spend quality time with their significant others. The welcoming atmosphere for all skaters explains the amusingly large number of “wall huggers” wobbling along the walls. Consequently, navigating the small rink is difficult and slow, especially for first-timers. However, the overwhelming cheerfulness of the other skaters with the same “we’re all in this together” mentality provides motivation to keep trying, developing the unforgettable impression of support and compassion.

For a 40-minute drive and a total cost of $13, the experience is definitely worth it. Pershing Square Ice Rink is unique because it has such an inviting atmosphere that visitors can skate without being judged, and everyone goes solely to have fun. From elderly couples to small children, it seems that anyone can have a fantastic time.

Pershing Square Ice Rink is open seven days a week until January 18 this winter season, even on holidays. It provides a place to escape the stress of daily life at a reasonable price. Without a doubt, Pershing Square is a wonderful place to celebrate the holidays with friends and family.

By Richard Zhang, Staff writer

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