“Counting Down” casts uplifting thoughts

Four years after releasing hit songs such as “Best Day Of My Life” and “I’m Born To Run,” American Authors released their new album “Counting Down,” with a total of five tracks on Friday, Sept. 18. In this album, each song conveys a different message that contributes to the overall idea that one can get through anything by staying strong. 

The first track on the album, “Brick By Brick,” conveys the message that although one is faced with difficult challenges every day, they shouldn’t let those difficulties stop them from accomplishing their goals. American Authors tells Hollywood Life, “No one can stop us from achieving greatness & breaking down barriers that others may have set in front of us,” which is seen in the lyrics “Brick by brick, We can build it from the floor.” 

“Brick by Brick” starts off with an exciting beat, giving off the feeling that anyone can reach their dreams. With its exhilarating, fast tempo, this song inspires you and makes you feel as if you’re in a movie. American Authors play the drums, trumpet and guitar at a rapid pace throughout the song, making it more exciting. “Brick By Brick” effectively uses background instrumentals and soulful lyrics to convey the idea that you have to complete smaller goals to reach the overall dream.

The second track, “Counting Down,” is a heartfelt song that is calming yet cheerful and hopeful. American Authors’ “Counting Down” has a sentimental feeling of waiting for  new beginnings to start, which is accompanied by the strumming of the guitar in the beginning of the piece. The lyrics, which were written from the heart, causes listeners to feel as if someone were singing a song they made, just for the. The lyrics in “Counting Down” bring an emotional aspect to the song and establish an emotional connection between the artist and the listener.

“Microphone,” the third track, has a powerful meaning that motivates people to stand up for themselves and to take initiative. Although this song was overall disappointing because of the repetitive lyrics, the upbeat instrumentals made it pleasant and nice to listen to. Rhythmically, their previous songs sounded similar to “Go Big Or Go Home.” Both songs are upbeat and the lyrics both repeat the same lines throughout the song. The fourth and fifth track, “Best I Can” and “Sky’s A Limit” both send messages that contribute to the overall idea about aspirations. They emphasize putting your best effort into goals and never giving up on your aspirations.

Out of all the songs in the album, the two songs that stand out most are “Brick by Brick” and “Counting Down.” Both these songs provide motivational vibes and relatable lyrics. As for the album as a whole, the song’s style sounds incredibly similar. Looking at their previous songs, they are always thrilling, lively and positive. Even though the band is known for their upbeat and exciting songs, many were expecting something new and unique.

By Mia Nam, Photo manager
Photo courtesy of Shock Ya!

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