Delicious delights at The Donut Man

Piled inside a glazed doughnut is an overflow of fresh, juicy strawberries. The vibrant red offers a stark contrast to the shiny doughnut it is stuffed into. It’s a doughnut like no other, and it’s the doughnut that made The Donut Man, located in Glendora, famous. 

The Donut Man can be found off the historic Route 66 and is open 24/7. The original location has been running since 1972 and a new location opened on June 2020 in Grand Central Market in Downtown Los Angeles. 

The strawberry doughnuts (and all other doughnuts) are made fresh daily and are about double the size of the average doughnut. Because of their large size and overfilled stuffing they are packaged as maximum six to a box in comparison to the classic dozen that most doughnut shop boxes hold.

When I first opened the box my eyes immediately went to the ruby colored uncut strawberries. The strawberry doughnut ($4.50) is quite an eyeful. The sweet glaze of the doughnut and the sugary juices coating the strawberries distract from the slight tang of the strawberries. The airy quality of the yeast donut that the whole strawberries are stuffed into is perfect for the flavorful filling. The amount of whole strawberries make the doughnut slightly difficult to bite into when it is first approached. I recommend choosing two or three of the larger strawberries to remove and eat separately before you take a bite into this delectable dessert. 

Another specialty from this critically acclaimed landmark is the tiger tail doughnut ($2.75). Chocolate and cinnamon are braided into this doughnut and then glazed, with the stripes resembling a tiger, hence its name. The doughnut is around two feet long, with the balance of chocolate being perfect in each bite and the glaze adding another sweet dimension of flavor. 

Seasonal doughnuts from The Donut Man are anxiously awaited by customers. A seasonal doughnut offered in fall is their pumpkin cream donut ($3). A glazed doughnut is topped with a cream that resembles a lighter, fluffier pumpkin pie filling. A swirl of vanilla cream is added on top, creating a delicious combination that isn’t overly sweet. Anyone who enjoys pumpkin pie will enjoy this delicious treat. The peach doughnut ($4.50) is served in a similar fashion to the strawberry one but neither can be found at the store year round. The peach doughnut is seasonal to late summer and the strawberry doughnut is available from January to September. Both of these donuts require fresh fruit so they are available as long as their respective fruits are in season.

Variety and flavor are the two elements that make The Donut Man a standout spot. The consistency of its desserts have built a loyal fanbase, and for good reason. The Donut Man is definitely my favorite doughnut shop although the doughnuts are pricey, the quality of its elite doughnuts and its efficient service has made me a customer for life. 

By Bhalpriya Sandhu, Online editor-in-chief
Photo courtesy of Tripadvisor

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