Diverse and unique flavors at The Pizza Press

The Pizza Press, is a rustic 1920s newspaper-themed pizzeria that’s famous for an immense menu made from diverse ingredients and whimsical ambiance which makes it stand out from traditional pizzerias.

The tall windows fill the restaurant with natural light which highlighted the rustic and monochrome implements. Typewriters and paintings mounted on two toned black and white interior created a vintage ambiance.The indoor eating area felt slightly crowded because of the order line but considering the rush hour, service moved quickly.
The menu had partially limited dessert options because there was one vanilla ice cream flavor which is served in ice cream floats scoops and ice cream sandwiches. The waiters were friendly and inviting, especially while guiding me through the menu and suggesting specific sauces and toppings they recommended. My waiter accidentally dropped my pizza and made it incorrectly the second time using a different sauce rather than what I ordered. The wait time I believe I should’ve gotten a discount after the mistakes made and inconvenient waiting time.

Served on a wooden pan, The Times™ pizza is topped with olive oil, mozzarella, chicken breast, onion, fresh basil, jalapeños, and olives. The crisp, yet soft, textured crust was balanced by tender chicken breast and earthy vegetables, which had a refreshingly spicy taste. I also ordered the garlic cheesy bread which was ready in ten minutes served next to a cup of tangy marinara sauce and sliced into eight pieces. Compared to the pizza crust, it was more flakey and cheesy. The garlic cheesy bread crust was thin and savory unlike the thick or greasy taste of other similar items at pizzerias.

I would recommend this restaurant to people that enjoy tasteful Italian-American food and spending time with friends. It distinguishes itself from other pizzerias with its vintage-newspaper atmosphere and fresh ingredients and hand-pressed crust.

By Jessica Dixon, Photo lead
Photo courtesy of Jessica Dixon

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