A small town in Victoria Gardens

At the edge of Rancho Cucamonga lies Victoria Gardens, an endearing shopping center dubbed the Beverly Hills of the Inland Empire. The open-air mall is a clean and bustling spot that is both aesthetically pleasing and convenient for shoppers with a wide variety of tastes. Victoria Gardens is the shopper’s paradise that I would definitely recommend to those looking for a unique yet surprisingly efficient way of shopping.

The first thing I noticed when I arrived was the number of people there. While it wasn’t obnoxiously crowded on the streets, it took me a solid ten minutes to land a parking space.
Instead of crowding shops in one large building, shops were individually and neatly aligned the streets that, for an outdoors mall, are surprisingly and relievingly free of litter.

Strolling and admiring the artwork of shopping temporarily cleared my mind of all else, creating an engaging and lighthearted ambience. Unlike the typical mall, this enchanting shopping center is designed resemble a small town, attracting people who have the resolve to spend more than a few hours there. As a result, the time and energy required to thoroughly acquaint oneself with Victoria Gardens may be a stretch for some. What distinguishes Victoria Gardens from Beverly Hills is that the shoppers aren’t just the elite who have a lot of money to spend, but your average, everyday consumer. While the population is extremely diverse, the majority is composed of younger shoppers who are willing to walk a few miles for their favorite brands.

Shops are just as varied as their customers, including brand names such as Anthropologie, H&M and American Apparel. Familiar restaurants and cafés such as Ben and Jerry’s and The Cheesecake Factory are also scattered along to serve the hungry shoppers. Lines for shops were a bit long for my comfort, but an increased demand is something that comes with every well-known shopping center. Victoria Gardens may not be entirely conventional, but it comes with the full package of any popular mall. Down the mainstreet is an AMC for moviegoers, a library, a kids’ center, and resting areas that make for a peaceful scenery. So while the outdoor mall may be a bit large for some people’s taste, the wide spectrum of choices is extremely desirable as it creates a straightforward and generally trouble-free shopping experience.

Discovering all the delights of Victoria Gardens requires long hours of perusing and a willingness to travel farther distances. But for dedicated shoppers, Victoria Gardens is one of the best places to splurge in all of your favorite shops in one going.

By Angela Cao, Staff writer

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