A sweet mix at the Boba Tea Lounge

453 S Citrus Ave, Covina, CA 91723

Boba Tea Lounge, known by locals as the “Home of the Original Cereal Boba Shake,” is a small cafe hidden in the corner of a Covina plaza. Its signature cereal shake, which is a vanilla shake blended with cereal, topped with whipped cream and sprinkled with more cereal, is a unique and memorable beverage to the community. It also offers a wide range of drinks and snacks, such as strawberry peach iced tea, blended orange lemonade and cheese wontons.

As I entered the cafe with my family, my eyes were attracted to the vibrant blue menu that was displayed with three separate flat-screen televisions. Though the appearance of the menu did not look immensely pleasing, the additions of the Pusheen and food cartoons contributed to a playful vibe of the place, making the environment less monotonous. Since it was a weekday, the location was not bustling with customers so I was able to order whenever I was ready. After scanning through the extensive menu, I opted for the cafe’s large signature Fruity Pebbles Cereal Shake without boba. I was greeted by an amiable cashier who took my order and asked me how my night was.

After ordering, I observed the atmosphere of the cafe while I waited for the drink. Since the walls did not look freshly painted and the seats looked slightly worn out, nothing in particular was spectacular. The place was filled with ordinary wooden tables and booths for seating, making the place look compact. However, because some tables were large, the seats were limited. The lighting of the cafe was illuminated by four cylinder-shaped lights hanging from the ceiling, creating an unlively feeling, but the dull effect was alleviated by the upbeat pop music. The beige walls were embellished with quirky boba-related images and framed Asian shell art, stylistic designs using iridescent shells on a blank canvas, making the walls appear less plain. To the left of the cashier, there were pictures of dishes such as tater tots and spam musubi, allowing customers to view how the dishes looked.

The atmosphere of the cafe was not the most aesthetically pleasing, but the presentation of the drink was. I admired the colorful toppings of Fruity Pebbles on the whipped cream. The beverage was enjoyable since it had a pleasant and crisp crunch of cereal blended in the cool, artificial vanilla base, which both components were not overpoweringly sweet. The cereal, however, masked the vanilla flavor, causing the vanilla base to only be slightly distinguishable. Similar to cereal becoming soggy in milk, the cereal slowly softened as it began to absorb the base. The shake was smooth and easy to drink since the consistency was not too thick. After drinking half of the shake, the constant flavor started to become a bit tiresome, but the uniqueness of the drink’s presentation and the experience made the large shake worth the $3.90.

I would recommend Boba Tea Lounge to anyone who is looking for a place to satisfy their sweet tooth. Though the ambiance of the place is average, the cafe is an appropriate location for groups of friends to share the tasting adventure of the shakes at a conveniently low price.

Written by Sharon Tan, staff writer
Photo by Sharon Tan

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