A taste of Korea in Rowland Heights

Myungrang Hot Dog is a restaurant located in the food courts of the YES Plaza in Rowland Heights with outdoor seating. On the exterior of the shop, the menu was displayed on a screen allowing customers to decide what they would like to order in advance.  The entrance of the restaurant had a simple design with a counter of condiments and a place to order. 

As I walked into the small and cozy restaurant, I read the menu, eager to enjoy some new comfort food. Packed with customers, I decided what I wanted to order while standing in line. 

The menu offers several kinds of hot dogs such as mozzarella, squid ink, potato hot dogs and more. In addition, there were rice cakes, slushies, soda, or bottled water as drink options.

I ordered the potato covered hot dog. When I got my order, which took about eight minutes to arrive, I was given the option of having it coated in sugar, which is something that is unique to the restaurant. I thought the idea of having sugar coated hot dogs was strange so I decided to leave that out. There was a condiments table with ketchup, mustard, sweet chili, cheese mustard, parmesan and more in which I topped my potato hot dog with ketchup and enjoyed my food outside at the tables. 

The potatoes paired well with the hot dog, and I was overall impressed with its taste. The texture of the corn bread around the sausage of my hot dog melted in my mouth. The bread gave a pinch of sweetness that complimented the savory potatoes and sausage perfectly. I do, however, think the menu could be improved by adding a wider variety other than just the few flavors of hot dog and the sweet rice cake. 

Overall, I enjoyed my experience at Myungrang Hot Dog. The service is good and the wait is short. The restaurant also has unique styles of hot dogs that you would not find at a typical hot dog place. I recommend hot dog lovers to try Myungrang Hot Dog when deciding where to grab a quick bite.

By Freda Lei, Staff writer
Photo by Freda Lei

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