Ameci’s Pizza serves a spicy twist

Ameci Pizza and Pasta is a small urban-styled restaurant located in Glendale. Originally opened in 1984 by a Sicilian Italian who moved to California, the restaurant has recently adopted a new owner who is eager to keep the roots of original items while adding his own twist.

Although located in an industrial part of Glendale, Ameci has a homey feel that is perfect for anyone looking for a quick bite to satisfy their hunger. Offering different portion sizes—
personal, medium, large, jumbo, and giant—Ameci satisfies every appetite. Upon walking in, I was immediately transported into a classic New York-style pizzeria. The green, red, white and black color scheme and interior are not only inviting but also gives you the impression of being in a big city. Unlike a lot of other restaurants, Ameci has an open kitchen, which allows interaction between the workers and customers. It made me feel like a regular customer even though it was my first time.

The cafe’s menu includes a variety of Italian foods, including pizzas, pastas, calzones, submarines and salads, but it is best known for its Hot Cheetos Pizza, which can range from $10 to $25, depending on the size. Hot Cheetos on a thin crust with light tomato and cheese is not a combination you would be able to find in a typical Italian restaurant. Upon taking my first bite, I expected the pizza to be spicy but the gooey cheese that melted in my mouth to counter the spice, making it a perfect blend of salty and spicy. The Hot Cheetos topping, which was slightly soggy at the bottom from the oil, added the right amount of crunch. The slight sprinkle of basil added an earthy aroma, making it taste fresh. Although the heavy cheese might not be everyone’s cup of tea, the pizza is a unique combination only found at Ameci.

Another customer favorite is the Garlic Cheese Stick Pizza with marinara sauce on the side. It was relatively cheap for the amount that you get. Instead of your traditional triangle slices, the pizza is cut into squares, making it nicely proportioned. I ordered this as the main course along with the Hot Cheetos Pizza. The thin crust topped heavily with mozzarella cheese and sprinkled with oregano, a slightly bitter-sweet herb, is a delicate in between of garlic bread and a cheese pizza. The creamy mozzarella balances out the garlic and the marinara sauce is slightly sour and tart, reflecting the freshness of the tomato.

Although a franchise restaurant, Ameci Pizza and Pasta’s Glendale location is vastly different from the other locations. Made with the freshest ingredients from scratch everyday, Ameci is a crowd favorite with its own spin on the food it makes. For the quality of food you get, the price is relatively cheap. If you are ever in the area, Ameci Pizza and Pasta is definitely a place to try.

By Emily Ng, Staff writer
Photo by Emily Ng