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Boba combines with Brazilian cuisine at Sol Flower

Off of Foothill Boulevard, Sol Flower is a small and cute boba shop that sells coffee, tea, snacks and desserts, some which include Brazilian flavors.

As I stepped into Sol Flower, I was in awe of the pink walls that were adorned with flamingos and palm leaves. The chic signs labeled “cashier” and “pickup,” along with the polaroid wall by the cash register, matched perfectly with the pink and girly theme of the shop. In addition, there was an accent wall covered in green leaves and pink flowers, which provided an aesthetic background to take the perfect Instagram photo.  The geometrically shaped lights, pink photo frames and chalkboard menu complemented one another, giving off a retro, yet modern vibe.The cups had pink ribbons drawn on the logos in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

The menu offered a short list of food categories, but there was a wide variety of drinks and teas such as Brazilian lemonade, classic green tea, Strawberry tea, flavored sparkling drinks and milk teas, but only a few few items were availableBrazilian cheese bread, rice pudding, Belgian waffles and pressed sandwiches. I ordered the parmesan and bacon Brazilian cheese bread, which included 12 pieces for $7 and a milk tea with boba for $4.35. 

My drink was given to me right away, but it took around 30 minutes to receive my order of cheese bread. To make up for the wait, the employee gave us a reward card for free boba to use on our next order. They also doubled my order of the cheese bread as an apology for the wait. The cheese bread was served in pink decorative paper containers that matched the theme of the shop. 

The small shop was quiet with few customers, which provided a relaxing atmosphere for a coffee date or work session. The employees were kind and welcoming and did their best to make me feel comfortable. All in all, I would recommend going to Sol Flower for those who want a nice and aesthetically pleasing place to grab a small bite.

By Freda Lei, Staff writer
Photo by Freda Lei

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