Brunch at the Avocado House


I was a little hesitant on reviewing the Avocado House since the name reminded me of my dislike for avocados. However, I found that the Avocado House serves not just avocado-based dishes, but also a large variety of breakfast and lunch options.

The white picket fence and wooden swing surrounded by green grass complement the homey ambiance of the exterior since the Avocado House is a house-turned-restaurant. A secret passageway beside the building is lined with lemon trees and a rose archway, leading to the backyard which has more seating to compensate for the few tables available inside the restaurant.

When I arrived around 9 a.m., hungry customers were already waiting in line. The ordering and seating system at the Avocado House differs from a traditional restaurant. A sweet aroma of their homemade caramelized syrup and maple syrup lingers around the entrance of the restaurant as I waited to enter.  Customers are given a menu while waiting in line and are expected to know the order once they arrive at the cash register. I waited around 30 minutes to order my food and be seated.

The waiters were very friendly and hospitable, frequently asking if we needed anything or asking about the quality of the food. After 15 minutes of waiting, the tri-tip steak and eggs with avocado on sourdough toast and a breakfast parfait arrived. I ordered two pieces of tri-tip steak, eggs made to choice and a side of country potatoes for $10.95. The potatoes were a little disappointing as some pieces were burnt, adding a bitter and unpleasant taste to them. The steak, although thick and chewy, was the most memorable part of the meal as it was very well-seasoned with just the right amount of saltiness and a little hint of spice. The breakfast parfait was overpriced for what it was worth, it costed $5.75. For the price, it was a simple parfait made of vanilla yogurt, bananas, blackberries, blueberries, strawberries and bananas. It was a little heavy due to the large amount of yogurt. The fruits were very sour, but the sweet vanilla yogurt complimented it well.

I would recommend this restaurant to those who want a relaxing, country-style breakfast. Each item on the menu exhibits traditional flavors with a rustic flare. Despite the high prices, the food is of excellent quality and is made with fresh ingredients daily. Though the name may appeal to just avocado fans, the Avocado House is for all people, avocado-lover or not.

By Justine Constantino, Staff writer
Photo by Justine Constantino

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