Caked LA: The perfect combination of sweet desserts and unicorns


Caked La, a small pastry shop located conveniently in a plaza at Chino Hills, is the ideal place to get mouthwatering and comforting desserts. It offers unicorn-themed cakes, colorful pastries and uniquely designed drinks.

When I walked in, I was immediately drawn to a black wall with elegant, hand-drawn floral designs and the words “Caked La” in cursive lettering. To my right were colorful, glittering curtains on a brick wall, contributing to the rainbow theme and giving the place a surreal, dreamlike ambiance. The place was well-decorated with light bulbs suspended from long white cylinders and an L-shaped counter displaying the specials in smooth glass chambers. The left wall sported a checkerboard pattern of flowers, which created the feeling of being in the outdoors. As I marveled at the decor, I thought about how perfect it would be for a Snapchat or Instagram picture. The atmosphere was quiet, making it perfect for studying or relaxing with friends.

I ordered the brownie sundae topped with a scoop of green tea ice cream. The dessert was presented to me in a white tray decorated with swirls of whipped cream at the corners. The brownie had chocolate chips and nuts in it, adding a nice crunch. The green tea ice cream was cold and creamy, and it balanced the overly sweet flavor of the brownie. The sugary taste was too overwhelming for me; however, for $6, I would consider the brownie sundae to be worth it.

I’d recommend this bakery for anyone looking for an inexpensive and delicious dessert. Not only were the aesthetics pleasing, but the food was also refreshing. The clean look of the interior and the vibrant themes of the food make Caked La quite an original and rewarding experience.

Written by Raymond Dunn
Photo by Raymond Dunn

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