Chick-fil-A beats out Popeyes in the battle of the chicken sandwich

There is an ongoing rivalry between some of the most beloved sandwiches in the United States. The new Popeyes chicken sandwich and the Chick-fil-A sandwich are under intense scrutiny to answer a single question: Which sandwich is superior?

I had high expectations of the Popeyes chicken sandwich. There have been multiple violent altercations over the sandwich, some even resulting in deaths. As I was going through the Popeyes driveway, I read a sign posted reading, “Due to the popularity of the new chicken sandwich, there will be a limit of 5 per car.” After a 40-minute drive-thru wait, I must say that, to my disdain, I was nowhere near satisfied with the sandwich. 

The food was made quickly, but the presentation was extremely sloppy. The pickles were astray and the chicken was not up to my standards. While the breading was nicely fried and the external texture was suitable, the chicken itself was comparable to rubber because it was extremely hard to chew. The most enjoyable part of the meal was the mayonnaise that complimented the chicken nicely and the buttered bun, a signature of the Louisiana Style Kitchen.

Chick-fil-A, however, was a satisfying sandwich in every aspect and the presentation was well-executed. The chicken was more tender with a thinner layer of fried batter coating it. The crunch of the pickles contrasted with the softer textures of the chicken and bun. The sandwich lived up to its reputation and reflects Chick-fil-A’s high customer satisfaction.

While both sandwiches consist of the same components — a toasted bun, breaded chicken patty, mayonnaise and pickles — one showed superiority. With a stronger presentation, tender chicken breast and overall flavor, I preferred the Chick-fil-A chicken sandwich to the Popeyes chicken sandwich. 

By Alex Santiago, Staff writer
Photo by Alex Santiago

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